2/27/2018 | Darktornado23


My game is laggy/hard to run
in your Technic Launcher You'll see a gear with the words "Launcher Options" beside it. Click on that, in here you'll want to give your game more RAM as seen here once you've done this you should have little/no lag. If you still are experiencing lag please message one of the staff members we'll be glad to help you!

How to install the modpack

Step 1.) You'll need to download the "Technic Launcher" Go here to download it -> Technic Launcher
Step 2.) Proceed to login with your minecraft account.
Step 3.) Once logged in you'll see a screen like this
Step 4.) Now click on where it says "Modpacks" From there you'll need to look up the modpack "Enchanted Springs" like so. You'll see an option that says "Install" click that.
Step 5.) Once you've done so you can now click "play" this will load up the Minecraft Modpack. Once you do so click Multiplayer from there you'll need to click "Add Server" or you may click "Direct Connect" now from here you'll enter the following server address mc.enchantedsprings.net